Appendix C

Potential Questions


What ZIP code do you live in?  What ZIP code did you grow up in?

Are you male/female/other?

What is your race/ethnicity?

How long have you lived in Jacksonville?

What is your age?

Public Safety/Violence

What does Public Safety mean to you? 

What does community safety mean to you? 

Is this the same as public safety? 

What are your biggest concerns for safety, right here in Jax?

What do you think the role of law enforcement is? 

How safe is Jacksonville? 

What evidence is there of this? 

Are there sources of information you look to consider public safety status/progress/information? 

What is crime like in Jacksonville? 

Is it better or worse than in other places (either where you have lived before or your perception of other places)?

Do you have personal safety concerns for crime where you live? 

Do you feel safe living in your neighborhood? 

Are there places in Jax/Duval that are less safe than others? How do you know? Do you make accommodations for any differences? (i.e., avoid at night, avoid altogether, never walk alone, etc.). 

How does Jax/Duval compare to other communities? What are you using as measurement? 

What makes Jax different/or the same? 

Does the community have a meaningful plan for addressing areas of safety concern? 

What are Duval residents’ expectations of public safety? 

Are these expectations met/and or understood? 

What can Duval do to advance public safety? Are there impediments to this (these) recommendation? 

Law Enforcement Interaction/Understanding

What is the mission of law enforcement/police in Duval? 

Are there recognized/shared goals for public safety as expressed through law enforcement? 

What’s the role of law enforcement as it relates to your quality of life? 

How successful would you say law enforcement in Duval is in meeting the goals of public safety? 

Are these accomplished? How would we know what success looks like?

How often do you see law enforcement in and around where you live?

How would you describe this presence? 

Have you been the victim/survivor of a crime? 

What was this experience like for you? 

If you engaged with law enforcement, how satisfied were you with that interaction(s)? 

How would you describe the relationship you have with law enforcement? 

How would you describe the relationship law enforcement has with the broader community of Jax/is this different than your personal perception? 

Do you perceive any challenges with/by/or for law enforcement where you live? 

Have you had interactions with local law enforcement? 

Yes? Can you describe that interaction(s)? 

Have you witnessed interactions with law enforcement? 

Yes? Can you describe that interaction(s)?

Have you interacted with School Resource Officers?

What do you think their role should be? 

How successful are they in advancing public safety?

When you see Law Enforcement, how do you feel? Is this the same in every situation? (If not, what are differences)?

What are examples of successful law enforcement interaction? 

What are examples of unsuccessful law enforcement interaction? 

(Criminal) Courts

Have you (or a loved one/child) had criminal or juvenile court involvement in the 4th Circuit? 

Can you describe your experience? 

Do you trust the court processes to uphold the law fairly and equitably? 

If you were a victim/survivor of crime in the 4th Circuit, what was your experience like as it relates to court/formal legal processing? 

What, if any, improvements could be made to improve the personal experiences of both victim/defendant in the court/legal process? 


How open/accessible/understood are the strategies of Duval Law Enforcement? 

Do you feel like information and important statistics are shared consistently and reliably so that residents stay informed and engaged? 

Are there resources available to enhance the public’s understanding of law enforcement and public safety in Jax/Duval? 

Where do you hear about crime? What’s the most trusted sources of this information? 

Are you informed of progress in your key areas of concern (remind of key areas, like “Violence”). 

Are Duval public safety stakeholders transparent in their operations? Consistently? 

What information would be helpful to better understand public safety concerns and progress in Jax/Duval? 

Do you believe your concerns are heard and met responsively? 

Do you feel safe in sharing your own experiences with law enforcement, including providing crime stopping tips? 

How engaged are you in the processes of budgeting and planning for your community? 


Do you have a good understanding of what law enforcement resources/programs/activities are available to the community/to you/family? 

Do you have confidence in these programs? Why/why not? 

What are we missing? 

How can success of such programs be measured?

Is there a community safety plan in place? 

Are you aware of previous initiatives aimed at improving community-wide public safety?

How were these received? 

How was the public kept up to date? 

How successful were they? How would you measure this success? 


Tell me about your experience returning home to Jax after incarceration

Did you have family/community/institutional support? 

What were your biggest challenges after incarceration? 

What did you learn, if anything, about your community after coming home? Did it meet your expectations? 

Have you been able to find sustainable work? Housing? Family support? 

Have you had any interactions, formal or informal, with local law enforcement since coming home? What was that like? 

What suggestions would you have to improve the process of folks coming home after incarceration? 

Hindsight is 20/20, meaning, if you could turn back the clock, was there an off-ramp for you before you were incarcerated? Were there enough opportunities, supports, programs? 

Community Task Force Members

What compelled you to participate in this task force? 

How were you chosen/what brought you to this work? 

What’s your biggest concern for safety and well-being in Jax? 

Does this concern directly impact you as a resident of Jax? 

How successful do you think the Task Force was? 

By what measurement? 

Has there been any follow-up? Recommendations implemented? 

Are there recommendations left on the table that the community should consider? 

Did you feel the process was broad and inclusive, representing the interests of all Jax residents? 

Do you have any recommendations that no one seems to be discussing?